My return to CoH… again.

Thanks to a couple free weeks given by NCSoft a little bit ago in celebration of the fifth anniversary of [amazonify]B001TEPX8A::text::::City of Heroes[/amazonify], I decided to give the game my yearly return. I also wanted to check out their new Architect system since this really was the first attempt at user-created content in a modern MMO. So for that alone, this game is worth playing to see how it is working in the context of the genre.

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My dislike of World of Warcraft

I have never really liked World of Warcraft, even when I was testing it back in beta. I have tried the game out several times in some lame effort to give the game a chance. After all, there has to be some reason that so many players like it right? All the while I’ve had numerous fans of the game ask me, why exactly is it that I didn’t like it? And I didn’t have a reasonable answer to this question really. I mean the simple answer is just that the game is too easy, but that’s not usually sufficient to these players and it isn’t even the entire picture on my side anyway. Yeah it factors in, but I think an easy game can be overlooked if it is still fun. Yesterday, however, I finally came up with what I think is a fairly sufficient answer to this question.

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Dragon & PnP Magazines

Ok, so this is kind of old news given that Dragon Magazine went out of print back in late 2007. But I recently decided to pay for a month of D&D Insider and looking over the online Dragon magazines got me thinking about the status of pen and paper magazines as a whole. Honestly when it was announced a couple years ago that the magazines would end print, I was quite sad. I’ve always been a fan of Dragon, though I’ve never had a subscription to it. I always though that the magazine was a little on the pricey side, and when it was in its prime, I really didn’t have the money to afford it.

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MTG years later

I recently began to sort through my Magic: The Gathering collection. I started cataloging them, finding links for text and getting prices and whatn not. The reason for this is for the potential of going out and possibly selling them. Why sell? Largely because like many Americans I am straped for cash and selling my MTG cards could be an easy way to make a buck. After all, I never really play the game anymore.

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$OE Strikes Again

Sony Online Entertainment announced their new micro-transaction model for both Everquest and Everquest 2 recently, deciding to take American MMORPGs in an entirely new direction. I can’t say that anyone in particular was surprised by the move. Sony has long been on the forefront at finding new ways to charge MMO players more money than they already were paying. Be it the Station Pass, Legends servers on EQ1, Magazines, or a Trading Card Game infused with in game items, Sony has tried to do it all. On top of that, they’ve already announced an MMO based on microtransactions called FreePlay, and I do believe that Sony uses EQ games to test out these ideas first.

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Return to EQ2

So I am back to that game in which I love to hate. I’ve been feeling the burn of late to play MMOs again, so I returned to EQ2 largely because I have nothing else to turn to. I have considered WarHammer Online, howver what I’ve heard about it hasn’t been great thus far anyway. Conan, blech. I have also considered the expansion of lord of the rings but that is a month away and opposite of EQ2’s own which I’m willing to give the game a second shot, even if I’m not particularly thrilled with what we’ve seen of the expansion thus far.

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