Lots o Games

A couple of weeks ago I sat on ebay for almost the full week buying up gamecube games. I decided that since the Wii will allow cube games to play on the system that I could probably buy up some cheap used games and be ok with it. So I bought several games at dirt pricese.

I bought SSX3, X-Men Legends, Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and Geist. For those titles I probably paid around $75 shipping included, some were like $2 plus $4 shipping so I basically got a couple games at $6 each, not bad. Over the bunch I think I shouldn’t have bought Geist. I had heard a lot of good things about the game but I guess I didn’t realize that it was a full on shooter which is not my type of game at all. Plus shipping on that title was $15 since it was from Canda!

I’ve played a ton of the SSX3, had rented tricky before and loved it so I wanted to own a copy and am happy with it as well… I’ve beaten a few bosses on Mega Man 1 (it has Mega Man 1-8 plus a couple other fighting games on it), and have played a small amount of Tony Hawk. I just recieved FF & X-Men today so haven’t had a chance on those but am looking forward to them and I think they’ll compliment my collection nicely.

Now I have a TON of gamecube games. I’ve always been in the habit of buying a few games for each system. I think my Gameboy systems have the most games but that is cause they’ve all been backward compatible to some degree… but I think I have close to 20 games for the Cube and could probably pick up another 10 that I have my eyes on if I wasn’t careful. Yet I haven’t really finished any of them.. I really should put aside a weekend or something to finish some games up just so I can say that I’ve done it. Wind Waker I stopped playing when I was really really close to completing, just never got around to it(think I played over winter break one year and just never got back in it after school got out the following summer). In the meantime though I think SSX is a great pick up and play game that I can put back down fairly quickly. Good short bursts.

EQ2 Re-Addiction

I got re-addicted to EQ2 this summer. Now I don’t think it is because EQ2 is a great game or anything. On the contrary, but it is getting better. The problem is that it just seems to be the best currently available without going back to the older generation of games, which were good but I think their time is done in my life.
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Somehow got sick over the weekend. Went geocaching in the cold and rain, may have had something to do with it. At least I found the cache=)

I keep thinking about the precedural programming that Will Wright is doing with Spore. I don’t know exaclty what it entails but I keep thinking of how to incorporate it into MMORPGs. Wright says that each creatures is a couple MBs at the largest, maybe even down to several KBs. And these are complicated 3D models that are customized. I keep thinking how cool it would be if a crafter could create his own weapons and armor, designed how he likes them in a procedural wal. They likely wouldn’t take as much space as a full creature in spore… if you could get than number to literally 5-6 kbs per item, this type of behavior could be doable in future MMOs…

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