Player vs. Player in MMOs

PvP is kind of a touchy subject in MMORPGs. Most MMOs have it in some format or another, but more often than not, it is left behind in the wayside. This is largely due to the mistakes that were made in early Ultima Online history where it was more profitable to kill other players than it was to kill creatures. This made it a prohibitive game to join if you were a newer player on your own. You would likely find yourself dead quite often and then just give up and go to a different game that didn’t have PvP. Continue reading “Player vs. Player in MMOs”

Cartographer’s Annual ’07 part 3

After well over a year, I finally decided to finish off this series, and yes I do plan on doing reviews on the next three annuals after this. For those needing a refresher course, ProFantasy makes a software sweet for cartographers to make their own maps, be it for video games, pen and paper RPGs, or just casual use. This software is called Campaign Cartographer 3. To support this suite, ProFantasy started releasing monthly issues of the Annual which gives new methods of using their software, general information, and new symbols and styles to use. This is the review of the last four issues of the first year of The Campaign Cartographer Annual. Continue reading “Cartographer’s Annual ’07 part 3”

Micro-transactions and the Modern MMO

I recently began the beta test of Champions Online, I will likely have my own preview before it goes live before September 1 when it launches. However, one of the things that they are touting with CO is the ability to purchase new costume outfits with real money. Supposedly this is a way to be able to keep more devs on the team at any given time and so through the micro-transaction sales they will be able to fund more content in the game itself that you don’t have to pay extra for. This coupled with a somewhat decent book called [amazonify]1401322905::text::::”Free”[/amazonify] and I’ve been thinking about micro-transactions in MMOs going forward.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I’ve been reading up a lot on Google of late. There have been many things of note that I have really taken from them as a company and some of the theories that they work off of. In particular, I have found it astonishing to see how well it seems that what Google does carries so well into Game Design theory and game development. Because of that, It hought it would be a good opportunity to bring in a new law of Raph Koster’s and take some of what I’ve learned from Google into the MMORPG realm.

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Races in MMORPGs

I have been thinking about the races that I would allow players in my game a lot of late, and at the same time I have been reading a book based in the Eberron world. The thing that I really like about the Eberron world in general is that you go to a city and it seems just teaming with races of different kinds. What this really lends to is diversity which I love. I love that there is just a whole lot of different things going on. I think this is one of the qualities that I like about Star Wars as well is that you go into the cantina and there are dozens of races in the one little cantina, a quality I think SWG failed miserably with.

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