Another stab at it

Ok here is my second stab at putting video on the site through WordPress. This time it is Bill O’Reilly attempting to know more than David Letterman, this shouldn’t be that hard.


Nobody’s Watching

Last night I found out about the hit TV show that never aired: “Nobody’s Watching.” This show was created by Bill Lawrence (of Scrubs & Spin City fame) and 2 of the writers from Family Guy. The show was originally made for NBC but after seeing the pilot, NBC passed. Then the show was shopped at WB who after hearing some concerning screening feedback decided to pass on it too. The show died. That is, until a few weeks ago when someone posted the show on Then it became a hit with over 350,00 views. Now studios are once again looking at it to see if they shouldn’t pick it up for their lineup this coming year.
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