All Abord the Aaron Rodgers Bandwagon

Ok so I think I am close to joining the Aaron Rodgers Bandwagon. The boy has looked awfully impressive thus far this season and I gotta say he very well may be the Packers version of Steve Young. You know, that guy who followed up Joe Montana? The similarities here are startling and so far Rodgers has done well. I am impressed by his poise despite the pressure, and he also had a little swagger to him that is all his own that makes me smile. He definitely has an arm that I didn’t realize he had that may not be quite Favre-esque but it surely isn’t a small arm. He has decent accuracy, much better than his predecessor, and with him there aren’t many turnovers coming from the QB position. He also has been surprisingly good on his feet, able to run out of the pocket when pressured and even pick up a first down. Better yet he doesn’t seem to panic the way Favre sometimes did and run when he didn’t need to run. So far the Rodgers move has been positive. That isn’t to say Favre isn’t still a great QB but wouldn’t it have sucked for the 49’ers if they kept Montana just cause he was great and sacrificed the years of great play from Young who may have left to another team if he didn’t go in when he did?

Aaron Rodgers: Game 1

Aaron Rodgers played a fine first game putting up very similar numbers as Brett Favre did with the Jets. Only Rodgers actually played against a more difficult team than Favre did. Still, a good first start for Rodgers. He controlled the ball very well, made good decisions and did what he could despite working against his offensive line. If he can keep this up, the Packers should do well this season.

The Olympics ’08

I watched the opening ceremonies on Friday night and overall I gotta say it was fairly impressive. It was one of the more interesting ceremonies I’ve ever seen with the olympics and I’m glad that my daughter sat beside me and saw it as well because I think it was worth seeing. The one thing I was astonished by was my mother whom was also watching with us. It was a constant wash of bad comments from her on the state of China.

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A Note to Jets Fans

Now that this whole Favre thing is behind us, I wanted to write up something directed more at New York Jets fans than anyone else. My basic premise behind this particular blog entry is to ask for kindness from you guys. Why? Favre is near the end of his career, no one will doubt that. Heck we could say Favre is past the end of his career and be quite accurate in that statement. But the point is, that he does indeed have somewhat of a legacy left and I feel for him on this fact, even if it has been tarnished over the last few months.

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To Brett Favre

I suppose since everyone else is talking about Favre so should I. I don’t necessarily want to as I am sick of it, but here I am. The truth of the matter is that over the last 5 or 6 years, Favre has made as much of a career of retiring as he has playing football. Because of this it isn’t entirely surprising that what is on everyone’s mind is what is going to happen to him now that he wants to unretired?
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