NBC’s Olympic Coverage Angers Me!

I have to say so far for the 2014 Olympics, I am seriously annoyed by NBC.

First off, they apparently have no idea that people don’t want sports results spoiled. I am good lord! They have a videos section on the olympic website where you supposedly can go to watch replays of sports, but on the videos page itself they give you the results of the sports that you are trying to watch. They need at least a 24-48 hour cool down on their site before they put results in headers, and on the video section they should never give results!!! Continue reading “NBC’s Olympic Coverage Angers Me!”

A Look to the Packers’ Offseason

With one game left in the season, thanks to the ineptness of the other teams in the NFC North, the Packers are somehow still in the playoff hunt even though they have had a terrible season. All they have to do is beat the Bears next week and they are in. I hope to be wrong on this, even if they beat the Bears, I can’t imagine them getting too far in the Playoffs. At this point it looks like the Playoffs will be the Seahawks, the Panthers, the 9ers, likely the Eagles, and then Bears/Packers and Saints/Cardinals with the Saints having a slight edge. With the Seahawks and the Panthers of all teams getting a first week bye. If the Packers do make it to the playoffs, assuming both the saints & the 9ers win out… the Packers would be playing the Saints in Green Bay in the first week of the playoffs followed by the Seahawks in Seattle in week two. We could potentially beat the Saints in Green Bay though it’d be tough especially if Lacy, Rodgers & Cobb are all playing by then. A win in Seattle seems unlikely. So I’m taking a look at what the Packers can do to correct themselves this offseason.
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UFC and NFL Long-term Injuries

I watched UFC on Fox last night. I’ve actually wanted to catch UFC for some time but have never really had the ability to sit down and watch for a number of reasons. I would say the main reason that I am interested in it is because i have a minor interest in watching Mixed Martial Arts, though I admit that I’ve never really had an interest in actual boxing so I thought I’d give it a try.

My main thought from watching it is that it isn’t really Mixed Martial Arts as much as it is Grecko-Roman Wrestling. This surprised me a little. I mean they did kick and punch each other every now and then. But it seems like the main strategy is just to tackle a guy to the ground while he punches you very weakly and you bury your face in his chest… I hope I’m not the only one thinking it, but it isn’t exactly the most exciting of sports, though it has its moments. I kind of hope that it was just a weird night and it actually isn’t usually like that so I will give it another try. Continue reading “UFC and NFL Long-term Injuries”

Greg Jennings Gets His Wish

Greg Jennings has spent the entire offseason talking smack about the Packers. Tomorrow he finally gets to put his money where his mouth is when the Packers play in Minnesota.  It should be an interesting game to say the least. I don’t really want to talk to much about Jennings big mouth and even bigger ego, though it does seem to me that his constant talking about the Packers and Rodgers has more to do with the fact that he made a mistake in turning down the Packers offer which was bigger than what he got than anything else. What I really would rather talk about is how Jennings has been doing ON the field. Continue reading “Greg Jennings Gets His Wish”