Sub-Genres Need to Stop

All right bands, producers, marketing people, music critics and random other people, the constant new sub-genres need to stop. I feel like every time I look at a new song, it comes with a new genre unique to it and it alone. This doesn’t do anything to help music listeners define a genre at all. It doesn’t make it less confusing. It makes it more confusing. Continue reading “Sub-Genres Need to Stop”

Video Games Live Review

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to Video Games Live, which amazingly came to Madison to play. My roommate bought me two tickets to the show knowing that I would love going as a gift for paying for most everything over the last year or two. It turned out that I had my daughter the weekend of the concert, so instead of taking my roommate as usual, I took my daughter. I think that actually worked well because I think my daughter appreciated it more than my roommate would have. Continue reading “Video Games Live Review”

Summerfest ’09

The last few weeks I’ve been very active in my off-line world. Far more active than I usually am. A few weeks ago, my roommate, her sister, and I went off to see No Doubt in concert at the Marcus Amphitheater at Summerfest. My roommate has always really loved them and was thrilled to hear that they got back together again for a tour, so we happily went and bought tickets to go.

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Micheal Jackson Passes

I just wanted to leave a quick note about the recent death of Micheal Jackson. Though the last 15 years have been a, well there isn’t a better way to say it, a freakshow, it is too bad to see him pass away. He was a very talented man, even if some of his more recent stuff hasn’t been up to par, his talent was still astounding. I think with him, there was always some hope that he would return to his former self, but now that is never to be. I’m sure years down the road, we will remember the last 15-20 years in his life, but not as much as what we remember the first 30 where he astonished us day in and day out. Micheal Jackson, it was nice to have you around while you were here.

Greatest Songs?

On my work this last week I was listening to a Nirvana song (likely Teen Spirit) and realized that I had yet to own an album of theirs. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I never cared for Nirvana in the 90s during the height of grunge. I liked grunge, just not theirs. For some reason now, I really like them though. They have grown on me, either that or I too am a bandwagon jumper and have decided like everyone else to proclaim Kurt Cobain’s genious only after he has died. At any rate, I decided that I really want to go out and own some of their albums, or at the very least one.

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