New Monitor

In my continuing effort to upgrade to a new computer, I have made a purchase for a brand new monitor. I chose the Sceptre X22WG and got it from Newegg. It is a widescreen 22″ LCD, and boy is it big. I thought it was just going to be marginally bigger than my previous monitor which I thought was 21″ but am now starting to think was only 19″. The quality is good too, it is really bright, have played both Sims 2 and EQ2 to test it out and both appear similar to a normal CRT monitor, not all grey and silvery like the previous LCD I had tried a few years back. In fact, in many ways the picture actually looks better. Thus far, my main problem is that my video card is an Nvidia 5900FX which really cannot handle this monitor so I have to keep the resolution fairly low. I am excited to get a new video card and turn the res all the way up on this monitor because I’m sure it’ll make for some stunning visuals.

Meanwhile, I’ve bought both the monitor and my tower in the month of December, straying away from my 1 new part per month limit. And during a tough month at that. So I think I’m going to consider the Monitor to be Janruary’s part. To kind of compensate for the early part I’m going to try getting my next piece in mid-February which at this point I’m thinking will be the Draft N Wireless router. Which one will likely be determined via sales and price reductions.    I also am thinking it may be a good idea to use my $80 of gift cards on the router. By doing this I am essentially making it so that I won’t be actually paying for any new parts until March. Which should help me catch up to my credit card a bit. In march I may also worry mostly about wiring for the computer (round cables, fans, and dampeners to make the computer quieter). So that it is a low pay out month. April I can buy Vista…. Then finally in May use birthday money and hopefully replenished credit cards to buy the Video Card, 1GB RAM, A processor of some sort (right now leaning towards Intel but that can change) and the motherboard. I am hoping that buy May the prices on the DirectX 10 video cards will drop significantly enough so that I’m not paying a small fortune just for one. June would then be a month off and I may take July off as well until August when I’d start purchasing up a second Video Card to run SLI, a second smaller LCD monitor, and a second 1GB of RAM. Not necessarily in that order.

Hopefully with this plan I’ll have a brand spanking new computer for my birthday and I will have a computer by the end of the year that is good enough to last me a few years until some of my books/games that I’ve created pick up momentum and I can afford to really splurge. <crosses fingers>

Thank God for Peter Jackson

The career of Peter Jackson looks to be muddled at best. He did great with the Lord of the Rings trilogy but bombed with King Kong. And now there is the whole business with the Halo movie where he is going to produce it not direct it and he wants more money than any studio is willing to give him but Microsoft will only do it with him… which essentially means that he may never do Halo.

Yet I still give him credit where credit is due, even if he never puts out another movie even half to what LotR was. What he did was single-handedly bring the genre to the fantasy screen. Yes there were others before him, most notably Harry Potter by one short year, Willow by many, and Legend by many more.

There were many more rather forgetable ones I am sure that I am missing as well but I think those were really the major players in the fantasy genre. This seems to have changed though. Now we are seeing a bevy of fantasy movies cropping up. We’ve already seen the first installment of The Chronicles of Narnia and I am sure we will see more from the series. Eragon came out not too long ago, and now the previews for some others are starting to show up like The Last Mimzy, The Bridge to Terapithia, and Pan’s Labyrinth. We are even seeing some smaller movies that are going straight to DVD like the long awaited (at least for me) Dragonlance Chronicles.

And now I am happy with the future of movies.

For Christmas

Well my Christmas is officially over… what did I get over all? And their grades!

My brother thus far has only given me snacks for Christmas, though I do not think that is all he intends to give. He called on X-mas day and told me he had more coming so I await the final grade on him…. Incomplete.

My sister gave me some weird flag thingy for tables or something and a DVD to manage photos from my camera plus 20 free pictures from Creative Memories (She is a consultant). My friend looked online and saw that the DVD is worth $40 which is way too much for it, though I doubt she paid for it. I wonder if she makes money if I get photos printed off past the 20 free ones since she is a consultant. I am dubious of the idea. If I need photos printed I can go to Target and I already have a bunch of software for photo management and don’t feel I need any of it. Grade: D, bumpin up from F on the free photos which I may use and the apparant cost of the DVD.

My mom gave me a 5-piece suitcase set which is what I asked for (well a suitcase is what I asked for, didn’t specify number). The baggage is really nice, they have a ton of compartments and a zipper that allows the main compartment to expand if you have a lot in it. Just excellent suit casses. I also got a new pair of winter gloves, which I really needed and think are good. She also gave me a badger sweatshirt which I will never wear because I don’t like sweatshirts or badgers, and a ton of smaller stuff. Grade A-, bump down for the sweatshirt.

My best friend gave me a Star Wars Transformer which I’ve been eyeing for quite some time, not major but it was fun. She also gave me a backpack with a water bladder for geocaching which I love and was very surprised to get! Grade: A

My Aunt & Uncle gave me a $50 gift card to best buy with a pack of candy. I am a big fan of gift cards, especially if you don’t know the person well which they don’t, so I think this was nice. $50 is a lot i think too. So I will give this gift a grade of B+.

My Best Friend’s family gave me a gift card for $30 at Best Buy as well as a Stardragons book. The book doesn’t look great and I probably won’t read it for quite some time but I give them credit for trying. Even though the gift card was much less I will match my Aunt’s grade of B+ for the added effort.

I think that was it. Overall not a great christmas, but not horrible. I was more than a little disappointed by my sister. In fact, I felt ripped off because I bought her husband a $100 GPS for his x-mas/birthday present and that alone cost more than what they as a unit got for me and that doesn’t even include the presents I got for her or her two kids. Next year I’m definitely going to get a family present cause I’m more than a little irked.

My plan for next week

Starting next week I will be starting a new plan for my day to day life. The schedule will be set up with all my previous goals in mind.

1) 2-3 hours every day will be spent on writing my novel. I don’t expect to finish my novel in two to three weeks, but I need to get at least 25% of it done by the end of Christmas break. During these 2-3 hours I will not allow myself to use the internet except to use pandora for music. I don’t know if I will use the time to write non-stop, I am going to allow myself to read books that will help my writing such as a book of symbolism and a book for writing tips, but only if I am blocked. No TV during this time either. I have pegged the afternoon for this block of time as I won’t deal with tiredness at this time nor look over my shoulder at lunch time.

2) I am going to have 30 minutes every day dedicated to exercise. I am going to do  Wii Sports first to get me up and goal orientated with the Wii Fitness schedule. I don’t pretend this is the greatest fitness someone can get but it is better than nothing. I will then do about 25-50 sit ups to help my stomach.

3) Wednesdays I think will become a medical day. My Hep C medicine is scheduled for Wednesdays and I will also be going to the hospital for Hemophilia medication. Because of this I will likely make it a short writing day. Fridays will also be going to the Hospital for factor, but that won’t be an issue I don’t think as much.

4)I am going to drop lunches for the most part and snacks during winter break. I am hardcore about getting skinnier and I need to eat less. I also want to return to eating healthier for dinner and no more eating out because I need to be tight on my purse strings if I want a new computer.

That is it for now. I think with these 4 things over break I can help my goals well.


Yesterday I spent Christmas alone and I don’t seem to see what the big deal is. My roommate felt sad for me, I didn’t. To me it was like any other day just with more interesting TV on. My mom went up to my sister’s, I wasn’t willing, and my brother is in Nebraska. My family is really having Christmas this upcoming weekend, so why should I care about yesterday? What makes it really strange to me is that think that I should be with family for Christmas think that the meaning of Christmas has been ruined in recent years. Yet the true meaning of Christmas as we have come to know it has no real tie to the date. In fact I will be getting the meaning, or what it is now, just a week later. Is it not supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Christ? Or a time to be with your family? A time to share and give? A time to be happy and joyous, or annoyed by your family? A time to be assholes in traffic or in line at the store?

Well what in any of that has to do with the 25th? I can do any of it at any time I freaking choose. Just because some Pope 2000 years ago decided it’d be on Dec. 25 in order to convert “heathen” scandinavians and germans doesn’t mean diddly to me as an individual.