1 less class

In yesterday’s blog I forgot to mention that not only do I have those console games but I also got Sims 2 Pets this week and next week I get NWN2. Yesterday I downloaded the toolset for NWN2 and I didn’t really play with it much but it looked a lot more complicated than NWN1. That often means that it is more in depth as well, but I couldn’t tell at a glance what to do to make a quick module like I used to be able to do. This may be an eventuallity as complexity increases and the game moves from 2D to 3D but it sucks as I bet there will be a lot of people who could have done it on the old system and couldn’t do it on the new system.

I went to my advisor this week to talk about the class I wanted to drop. And she agreed that it was ok to drop the class, so I did it. That means that I will gain about 9-10 hours a week probably by not having to go to the classes or do the homework. That should help me out alot! I already started using up some of the time to finally finish the High School Geometry that I need to get done by mid-November. I hope to have my last assignment in the mail by the end of next week and the test done in about two weeks. I don’t care what grade I get in it, as long as I get like a C or higher I will be happy, I’m probably averaging a B+ on homework and I think I got a B+ or an A on my midterm so that shouldn’t be too hard to swing.

I do have a busy couple of weeks for classes though. I have a big paper due in my Detective Fiction class this week, haven’t even started that but I really need to look at it a bit during the weekend. I also probably have a quiz in Spanish next week and I really wanna pick up my studying in Spanish class, I’m tired of my lower grades in the class. Lastly I have a test in the Divine Comedy next week, but those don’t seem too hard. I did fairly well by reading through the Spark Notes for it in the last exam, however this one will be covering alot more material so it could definitely be more difficult.

Lots o Games

A couple of weeks ago I sat on ebay for almost the full week buying up gamecube games. I decided that since the Wii will allow cube games to play on the system that I could probably buy up some cheap used games and be ok with it. So I bought several games at dirt pricese.

I bought SSX3, X-Men Legends, Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and Geist. For those titles I probably paid around $75 shipping included, some were like $2 plus $4 shipping so I basically got a couple games at $6 each, not bad. Over the bunch I think I shouldn’t have bought Geist. I had heard a lot of good things about the game but I guess I didn’t realize that it was a full on shooter which is not my type of game at all. Plus shipping on that title was $15 since it was from Canda!

I’ve played a ton of the SSX3, had rented tricky before and loved it so I wanted to own a copy and am happy with it as well… I’ve beaten a few bosses on Mega Man 1 (it has Mega Man 1-8 plus a couple other fighting games on it), and have played a small amount of Tony Hawk. I just recieved FF & X-Men today so haven’t had a chance on those but am looking forward to them and I think they’ll compliment my collection nicely.

Now I have a TON of gamecube games. I’ve always been in the habit of buying a few games for each system. I think my Gameboy systems have the most games but that is cause they’ve all been backward compatible to some degree… but I think I have close to 20 games for the Cube and could probably pick up another 10 that I have my eyes on if I wasn’t careful. Yet I haven’t really finished any of them.. I really should put aside a weekend or something to finish some games up just so I can say that I’ve done it. Wind Waker I stopped playing when I was really really close to completing, just never got around to it(think I played over winter break one year and just never got back in it after school got out the following summer). In the meantime though I think SSX is a great pick up and play game that I can put back down fairly quickly. Good short bursts.


Ok so I personally am sick of the Republicans of this country. Need I explain why? Now if they wanna go fuck up their own lives that is their issue. I am a firm believer that is their right. However, the last 8 years they’ve been fucking up mine and I don’t think they have that right.

So let’s do something about it and lets do it right. Let’s do what the civil war could not do one hundred and forty some odd years ago. Let’s split the nation in two. And let’s do it better this time. Instead of going to war against each other for 4 or 5 years and killing half our populations, let’s just agree to disagree and split up peacefully. After all one of the reasons that we needed to stay together at the time was because a) we weren’t as big as we are now, b) we were younger than we are now and didn’t have solid legs to stand on, and c) alot of our exports were coming from the south (tobacco which who the hell uses anymore?).

So let’s let every state have a vote as to who gets to go where. You are either with us or against us. I figure the the states would go as such:

On the “north” side you would have Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusettes, Maryland, Washington, California, Oregon, and D.C.

The “south” side would have Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, the Carolinas, and Indiana.

Now these are just the likely for sures. In fact I’m not entirely sure about Kansas but whatever. This leaves us with a number of contested states. But I will do my best to split em up evenly. Again:

“North”: While Maine and New Hampshire are not entirely liberal they do tend to lean that way and I would suspect that they would go the route of the rest of New England. I think the same could be said with Ohio, barring Republicans hacking into the voting machines. I think Nevada also will go over to the North because well they have gambling and prostitution and I doubt the South would go for that. I think Arizona is moving over to the liberal point of view of late and think by the time this split would occur that they might side with going to the North, so too would New Mexico. I’m going to also award Missouri to the North as a side one, i think between Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas one would go north and I think it’d be Missouri.

“South”: I think North Dakota would go South because nationally they tend to go republican, Utah has traditionally voted Republican, I will also give Iowa and Arkansas to the South as mentioned above. Will give Florida to the South as I think either ohio or florida would go south and I took Ohio by the North (feels like tag football doesn’t it?), Georgia, Virginia (though they seem to be turning to democrat), Tennessee and Kentucky are actually surprisingly swing states quite often but I think they tend to lean towards the south, and finally Louisiana… I honestly think this whole Katrina thing has really torn up Louisiana and killed the Republican party in that state, but I’m just going to give it to the south.

That’d leave us with final tallies of:

  • North – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Conneticut, Massachusettes, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, D.C. Pennsylvania, D.C., Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Hawaii
  • South -Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virgina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska

I think that is it… oh yeah Texas. What about Texas you say? It is my understanding that Texans have secretly wanted out of the union pretty much since they joined it, so I am taking this opportunity to let them out… heck it’s possible they could convince another state like Oklahoma to join them but I’m just going with Texas as its own country.

So doing this little outline I do notice a few interesting things about our new United States countries. One, the north would be devoid of the traditional oil states such as Texas, Alaska, and I think Wyoming, Plus without any gulf states we’d be out of the gulf oil as well. We’d also be without a significant portion of crops from the plains states, but the midwest has its crops as well so it wouldn’t be a total loss. And we could fairly easily offset the loss of fossil fuels with the inclusion of nuclear fuels coming from illinois and other midwest states. I do fully admit that having a west coast and east coast totally seperated without having a connection could be problematic with traveling and power transfers but we’ll make do. Where we would lose on energy and some of the produce, we would gain back in owning the west coast exclusively, technology would be a huge factor with us maintaining the hubs of silicon valley and seattle, we would have a monopoly on entertainment with New York and Hollywood, we would also have another pacific adventage in keeping the airports and tourism of Hawaii, as well as have some leeway left with car manufacture with maintaining Ohio and Michigan (though admitadly much of this has still moved south and to China, us owning the ports on the pacific I think would be huge.)
So it wouldn’t be without its difficulty and we’d be sacrafcing stuff, but so would you. We’d both still be fairly strong. I mean hell look at the other international powers like England and France, they have much less territory really and are more split up than either side would be! So why not? We are all sick of each other, let’s just split up since we don’t get along and do what we think we need to do seperately!


Tuesdays are inherintly long days for me. My first class begins at 8:50-9:40am, my second class is from 11am-12:15pm, and my last class is from 4:35-7:05pm. I also go to the hospital to get medication between my second and third classes, and Tuesdays being busy for them as well I often get stuck at the Hospital for a good two hours.

So essentially I have very little time in the day to do anything very large. Today for instance, in between my first two classes I had a small amount of time which I used to meet with classmates for an oral exam that we have on Friday. I use the time in the waiting room at the hospital for reading homework to help keep me caught up. And I use the time between the Hospital and my third class as relaxation, sometimes study if I really need to. Today it was done for 45 minutes of relaxation playing SSX3 on the gamecube. That essentially leaves the hour and a half after class before I go to bed for study and homework. I have a short one page paper to due tomorrow and a worksheet. I am going to skip the worksheet though she will likely collect it, gonna see what I can copy before class… the 1 sheet paper I may skip till my study period between classes tomorrow because I just don’t feel like it tonight and it requires reading the Divine Comedy which I’m just not in the mood for.

Oh and did I mention I rarely eat breakfast OR lunch, and in fact don’t get to really eat until I get home at 7:30pm. I ate a banana before I went to school this morning only because I had a test and I feel that I need to do more than watch TV to wake up my brain so I eat as a way to jumpstart it. I also had a cookie and chocolate milk in the waiting room at the Hospital, and i also was able to eat some broccoli, carrots, and pretzels in my last class since people bring snacks for everyone. It is this type of day that I really hope helps my diet out!


Ok so today I didn’t really do too much. I spent most the day studying, reading, and playing some new gamecube games that I got.

I started up a second blog on wordpress that is private and have also been adding posts to that. That blog is for me to take notes on the Bible as I read it. I’ve never really read the Bible all the way through. I’ve always started but just stopped at some point. So I think that this type of format might help because I basically do a post on every chapter (not every book, but every chapter within the book). This way I see the progress that I am making. In addition, I always like taking notes on the Bible and probably have a few paper notes in various places. I like to think about the Bible and religion and this gives me the opportunity to actually take the notes and then have them fully categorized and searchable. Something I think to be kinda cool actually.

I also went to Uno’s for dinner with my friend. I weighed myself after breakfast this morning and found that I had lost 2.5 pounds. And this is post-breakfast weight! I usually weigh myself before I eat anything, so I was really proud. Eating out and unhealthy was a way for me to celebrate my victory. I said jokingly that it was my attempt to put that weight back on. But her and I have the attitude where we eat healthy during the week and then we can eat a littel better on the weekend as sort of a reward for our healthier eating. I don’t believe you have to eat great all the time, you just got to pick your battles. You need to treat yourself and eat something good sometime otherwise life really isn’t worth living.

I have a test in Spanish tomorrow. I’m not really sure if I’m ready for it yet but hopefully I will be all right. I did all my spanish homework today and went through the book once, and then went through my flash cards for the current 2 chapters 4 times and all my flashcards 1 time so hopefully I will know it. I want to also go through the flash cards at least 2 or 3 times tomorrow morning before the test. I think I’m gonna leave for class 5 or 10 minutes later cause I’m tired of getting to class so early, I feel awkward around the teacher and when I come so early she takes the opportunity to talk to me.