Traditionally, Americans don’t vote for midterms, but this year could be different for that. I know I am voting for my first, but then again the last presidential election was also my first. I am going to take a cue from Republicans and suggest that Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents get out and vote! Your parties need you! Republicans if you vote you could be arrested! Continue reading “Vote!”


So a few weeks ago I went to a meeting for the IGDA Madison Chapter. In doing so I volunteered to work on their website. I’m not sure if I blogged this before so I’m recapping it. All this goes to fulfilling my game design goal of getting into the industry. Going to the meeting helps me meet people in the field and maybe learn some things about the industry, and volunteering makes me look interested and gives me resume fodder. So hopefully this will help…

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Sims 2: Pets

I got Sims 2 Pets a couple of weeks ago and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on it.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed by the expansion as a whole. I love the pets themselves, I think that Maxis did a great job with implementing them with their own DNA, and oh my god the number of breeds included is just astonishing! You can really get some unique looking pets and you can get exactly what pet you are looking for! Continue reading “Sims 2: Pets”

Word of the Day

If you have a home portal and are looking into writing as a living. I’d suggest adding a word of the day to your portal. I use NetVibes as my portal and it was actually hard for me to find a decent word of the day as they apparantly didn’t have any in their list of content.

I had to do a google on “word of the day” and am currently using Merriam-Webster’s service and added that to Netvibes. That’s part of the reason I like Netvibes, not only can you rearrange stuff and add what you want, but you can also go find newsfeeds and put them in manually if netvibes doesn’t actually have it themselves. I only chose to have 1 word entry. The little entry doesn’t do exactly as I want but it’ll do. I actually wanted the definiton of the word to be on the page, but instead i have to hover over the word to get the definition. It works but is more work for me which I never like.

Today’s word is Prescind, which essentially means to detach in purposes of thought. I heard a long time ago that if you use your word three times in the day that the word is yours forever. I don’t generally agree with that after having a horrible time remembering Spanish words no matter how hard I try, but it can’t hurt to do so. So this is my first use of it hehe, a little bit of a cheat=P But I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna use this in every day vocabularly. When it all comes down to writing though, the more words that I can get in my vocabulary, the better a writer I will be because I will have more tools at hand to write.

Improv Everywhere: We Cause Scenes

I recently heard of a comedy troop called Improv Everywhere. What they do is go around in public and have these artificial scenes. They do have some that require just a few people, but I think the really good ones involve a large number of people. One example is they took something like 60 people into Best Buy dressed in Blue Polos and Khakis and then proceeded to freak the managers out. They have apparently been doing this for like 8 years and you’ll excuse me for being behind the times and just finding out about this but it is pure genius to me. In fact much of what they do resembles art in my eyes.

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Another stab at it

Ok here is my second stab at putting video on the site through WordPress. This time it is Bill O’Reilly attempting to know more than David Letterman, this shouldn’t be that hard.