In Game Calendars Law

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo,  I have decided to get back into my MMO Laws series and talk about one of Raph’s minor laws the in game calendars. This particular law actually saddens me to a great degree as I love the concept of holidays and special calendars in fictional worlds that help really complete teh feel of the world.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

As part of my continued perks with living with someone who works at Raven Software, I got to go see Wolverine yesterday for free. The company rented the entire theater for the event since they put out a game based on the movie, and every employee could bring one friend or family member to see it. I didn’t have high hopes for the movie (or the game for that matter, but I’ll talk about the game in a different review), and it didn’t really disappoint in that respect.

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Weapons in MMORPGs

I recently read an article about how weapons in modern MMOs are all starting to look identical to each other and how unrealistic and uninteresting this is. I tend to agree with most of the author’s points, in days of yore the developers tried to make the weapons different in order to allow players to be different, now developers try to make the weapons as similar as possible in order to allow the player to make the choice. The newer method is extremely problematic for many reasons, but also very understandable why they have decided to go that route.

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MMOs and Social Networking

MMORPG developers have a crap load to learn from the social networking movement that is currently swarming the internet. Heck, they have a lot to learn from the internet itself and how people communicate and mesh. If you really sat down and looked at it, MMOs are just sad when it comes to human interaction which is actually kind of funny considering that realistically MMORPGs have long been ahead of the game. They were getting people together even before the advent of ICQ. Yet here we sit, behind everyone else.

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My blog

I’ve been giving some thought to my blog of late, partly because I haven’t been writing in it and I feel guilty because of it. I am trying to create a schedule for myself which would hopefully force me to sit down and write for the blog a few times a week. We’ll see how that works out, so far not great but now that I’ve been getting time out of work I’ve started using it to catch up on other things that I’ve been ignoring. The other part of the blog thoughts stems from the 43 Folders podcast.

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A week with the Nintendo DSi

I had decided long ago to buy the Nintendo DSi as part of my tax return. With the purchase of Guitar Hero, that isn’t necessarily true anymore but I still wanted it. My old Nintendo DS is the old brick style DS that was originally launched five or six years ago. I had bypassed the DS Lite because I know how Nintendo likes to come out with new versions of handhelds and vowed to myself to get the next major iteration. Continue reading “A week with the Nintendo DSi”