Ikea & Schaumburg Area

Last weekend we took a trip to Ikea to buy furniture for our new apartment. It was an interesting trip to be sure, full of a lot of driving, and a lot of soreness due to all the walking. I first have to talk about the hotel. I stayed at the Summerfield Suites which was from Hyatt, which I have to say was one of the better hotels I’ve ever stayed at. The room wasn’t huge but had a nice HDTV, wooden floors, a great shower, and cool room decor that was anything but hotel-like. They also had a great breakfast with eggs, french toast, and sausage. All this and I think it was a fairly low nightly cost, especially for that area. I was thoroughly impressed with our stay there.
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A Look at Chrome

A couple of weeks ago Google released a browser that was to be simplified, intuitive and speedier than the competition out there. Now with two weeks under my belt of using it for both work and home use. I will share what I think of it ultimately, and whether it can really compete with the big boys out there. Speed-wise this browser is definitely up there, but does it have other features that users demand?
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All Abord the Aaron Rodgers Bandwagon

Ok so I think I am close to joining the Aaron Rodgers Bandwagon. The boy has looked awfully impressive thus far this season and I gotta say he very well may be the Packers version of Steve Young. You know, that guy who followed up Joe Montana? The similarities here are startling and so far Rodgers has done well. I am impressed by his poise despite the pressure, and he also had a little swagger to him that is all his own that makes me smile. He definitely has an arm that I didn’t realize he had that may not be quite Favre-esque but it surely isn’t a small arm. He has decent accuracy, much better than his predecessor, and with him there aren’t many turnovers coming from the QB position. He also has been surprisingly good on his feet, able to run out of the pocket when pressured and even pick up a first down. Better yet he doesn’t seem to panic the way Favre sometimes did and run when he didn’t need to run. So far the Rodgers move has been positive. That isn’t to say Favre isn’t still a great QB but wouldn’t it have sucked for the 49’ers if they kept Montana just cause he was great and sacrificed the years of great play from Young who may have left to another team if he didn’t go in when he did?

More Health Concerns

As if I don’t have enough health concerns already in my life, on Tuesday night I went into the Emergency with what I thought was a severe back spasm of some sort as it hurt worse than it had in years. I get there and they let me in immediately. It is amazing how fast you can get in if you don’t try to cover your pain and you are visibly having issues. At any rate, after all is said and done they figure out that I am passing a stone and they give me muscle relaxers and it immediately goes away. Tonight it is flaring up again and as they instructed I took Ibuprofin and sure enough it went away (though after an hour and a half). I am not enjoying this latest problem of mine.

First Impressions of Spore

I got Spore on Sunday. I bought the Galactic Edition that has with it the art book, making of DVD, and the national geographic special that went with it. These things I can’t really speak of yet because I have not actually taken the time to look at them, but I’m sure I will at some point. I decided to get the special edition largely because I truly wanted them for this title. I love Will Wright and I have high hopes for this particular game, so I wanted to know all I could about it.

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