Games and Fairs

I went to Brat Fest this weekend with my daughter and some friends, it was a good time all in all. I was watching my daughter and the number of other kids riding around the Carousel smiling in delight and I couldn’t help but think of the age of this type of entertainment. I mean this has got to be one of the older types of amusement rides and perusing Wikipedia on the subject seems to verify this.

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Dragons of the Highlord Skies Review

I FINALLY finished [amazonify]0786948604::text::::Dragons of the Highlord[/amazonify] skies this week. Due to the increased schedule I’ve been running for the last seven or eight months, time just hasn’t been on my side for reading, which is unfortunately one of the first things that gets cut out of my schedule. So the fact that it has taken me eons to finish this book, is at no fault of the book itself realistically. Continue reading “Dragons of the Highlord Skies Review”

Wolverine: The Game: The Review

I got handed a free copy of the [amazonify]B001PKHRVE::text::::X-Men Origins: Wolverine game[/amazonify] that was recently released by Raven Software. This was a game I had very little interest in buying myself because, well who the heck buys movie games anyway? However, since it was free I decided I might as well play it to see what it was like. So here it is, what I thought. And just for reference on what we are talking about, I did get the PC version of the game largely because I don’t own an X-Box 360, so some of my thoughts of the game may not apply if you are considering the 360 version. Continue reading “Wolverine: The Game: The Review”

My dislike of World of Warcraft

I have never really liked World of Warcraft, even when I was testing it back in beta. I have tried the game out several times in some lame effort to give the game a chance. After all, there has to be some reason that so many players like it right? All the while I’ve had numerous fans of the game ask me, why exactly is it that I didn’t like it? And I didn’t have a reasonable answer to this question really. I mean the simple answer is just that the game is too easy, but that’s not usually sufficient to these players and it isn’t even the entire picture on my side anyway. Yeah it factors in, but I think an easy game can be overlooked if it is still fun. Yesterday, however, I finally came up with what I think is a fairly sufficient answer to this question.

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Dragon & PnP Magazines

Ok, so this is kind of old news given that Dragon Magazine went out of print back in late 2007. But I recently decided to pay for a month of D&D Insider and looking over the online Dragon magazines got me thinking about the status of pen and paper magazines as a whole. Honestly when it was announced a couple years ago that the magazines would end print, I was quite sad. I’ve always been a fan of Dragon, though I’ve never had a subscription to it. I always though that the magazine was a little on the pricey side, and when it was in its prime, I really didn’t have the money to afford it.

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Star Trek Review

Space, the final frontier, it has been a long time since we have been able to enjoy a fresh take on Star Trek. The new Star Trek re-imagining did a lot right that hasn’t been seen in the last decade or two for the series. For far too long the series has been struggling with the same story lines, bad directing and writing, and the same stale producers unwilling to take risks. Enter J.J. Abrams who decided to take on the original series and redo it. It is a ballsy move at best considering the status of the original series, but overall I must say he did a great job.

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