Landmarks in Games

Last night I realized that I never finished Zelda: Wind Waker and I got to think of why that was. I really loved the game for a lot of reasons. But in the end I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I started to realize that the issue laid in the fact that I got frustrated with trying to figure out where things were.

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First Paycheck

Yesterday I got my first paycheck! Yay! I gotta say it feels good to get some income. I really needed it. This is weirdly my first job in six or seven years so it is kind of weird. The paycheck wasn’t much, only a couple hundred bucks, but when you consider that I only got about $800 a month previously from SSI, a couple hundred for less than two days of work isn’t bad at all.

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Prince Caspian Review

Wednesday I went out and saw the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. We largely decided to go because the local theater offers a particular movie every week for $5 and this week it was Prince Caspian. That being said, this book and the Silver Chair were two of my favorite books in the series so I was pretty excited to see the movie.

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Job Alternatives?

This morning on Good Morning America, they talked about two different things that employers are considering doing. These things were in seperate segments entirely, and I believe were done for different reasons as well, but I saw a lot of promise in them for the same reason. The segments were talking about the possibility of a four-day work week and working at home. What these two have in common? The possibility of lowering the amount of gas consumed.

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What the Wii needs

I could be just speaking to the choir, as a lot of people seem to be saying similar things. But the Wii really needs less party games. I appreciate the party games, I really do. A few have been really top quality games such as Rayman Raving Rabbids, and I actually am quite fond of the latest Mario Party, and the many nintendo and now sega mascot games. But seriously guys. Stop it. I look on the list of games and they are all party. Some look great (Deca Games) and some don’t (most of them lol).

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A New Season of Man vs. Wild

We are likely mid-way into the latest installment of Man vs. Wild and I thought I’d give my thoughts. The important aspect of this particular season is that it really is the first real season after the debacle of everyone finding out just how fake the show was. The news was out before the previous season, but I had the feeling that they were caught with their pants down. The show seemed very much like a series of how to clips that weren’t entertaining nor interesting.

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