Rock Band 2 Review

A few months ago, I found out that you can use Guitar Hero 4 instruments for Rock Band 2. I hadn’t thought this was possible previously because it wasn’t with Rock Band 1, and I just kind of assumed it would be the same. This knowledge instantly put Rock Band 2 on my wish list and I got it for my Birthday, much to my delight.

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Spymaster Review

If you pay any attention to my Twitter posts every week, you may have noticed over the last couple of weeks, or will next week, some strange level gaining in Twitter for a game called Spymaster. Spymaster is probably the first real game that is based around Twitter. Well, at least it’s supposed to be at least. You take on a role of a spy and do spy-like deeds. Again, you are supposed to be at least. Realistically neither of these things really turns out to be true.

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Races in MMORPGs

I have been thinking about the races that I would allow players in my game a lot of late, and at the same time I have been reading a book based in the Eberron world. The thing that I really like about the Eberron world in general is that you go to a city and it seems just teaming with races of different kinds. What this really lends to is diversity which I love. I love that there is just a whole lot of different things going on. I think this is one of the qualities that I like about Star Wars as well is that you go into the cantina and there are dozens of races in the one little cantina, a quality I think SWG failed miserably with.

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E3 is finally back

After a few years of hiatus, it is good to see that E3 has been resurrected from the ashes. I was quite saddened by the death of E3 a few years ago. It is one of my favorite gaming events of the year, even though I’ve never actually gone (if anyone would like to donate money for me to go I’m all ears!). Luckily for them, no other convention has really stepped in. DICE and GDC both grew a bit I think, but neither really was filling in so E3 wll be again the big event of the year.

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My return to CoH… again.

Thanks to a couple free weeks given by NCSoft a little bit ago in celebration of the fifth anniversary of [amazonify]B001TEPX8A::text::::City of Heroes[/amazonify], I decided to give the game my yearly return. I also wanted to check out their new Architect system since this really was the first attempt at user-created content in a modern MMO. So for that alone, this game is worth playing to see how it is working in the context of the genre.

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