The Day After the Ceremony

The wedding went pretty well I thought. It was a good ceremony, not too short not too long. Beautiful location, great weather, good food, etc. It also wasn’t too big, I’d say there were maybe 40 to 50 people attending, which is far fewer than they were expecting (which I think was 100-150). I don’t know why so many didn’t show, maybe it was the flooding of roads preventing them from getting there, maybe it was high gas prices. Who knows, it was nice to not have too many though.

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Weddings and Abuse

Last night was a fairly awful night. At 1:30 in the morning we were awoken by very loud banging and yelling. It turned out that two people in the apartment below us were having a bit of a fight. When I went into the living room to listen in on what was going on (it was happening at their patio doorway), we heard the unmistakable sounds of skin on skin fighting of some sort. For all I know it may have only been slapping, but it matters not what might have been. I called 911 anyway.

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My Word Coach Review

I bought My Word Coach several months ago as kind of a graduation present for myself. The logic behind it was that it was a way to use my graduation money on something that was somehow similar to the field I graduated in. After all I am an English major that wants to be in the video games industry so this isn’t that bad of a mix.

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Hard Time Finding Topics

With work taking up much of my time, not being able to play games as much (in particular MMOs), and me not thinking about random events of the world as often; I’m finding it difficult to figure out what to talk about here. I think part of the problem is that this really is a dead time for the video games industry. This is for a few reasons…

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Bushnell Quote

“The casual gamers went away, the women went away. Everyone said ‘Oh, I’m not a gamer, because I don’t want to play with 27 different buttons.’ It was suicide, it wasn’t homicide.”

Bushnell on the death of arcades

Can anyone else say “Hells yeah”?

To 4e or Not to 4e….

If you follow the pen and paper RPG world at all, you would likely have heard that Dungeons and Dragons released their forth edition of the game system over this past weekend. The reviews have been fairly mixed and I wonder, do I actually want to bother? Even with mixed reviews and my own unease, I have a bonus 15% off coupon at Barnes & Noble and want to use it, and this might be the perfect opportunity to do so.

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