A Few Fantasy Movies

To go along with my latest urge to design my MMO, I have been also wanting to watch Fantasy movies. I went through the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve also had a few movies sent out to me via Netflix of late as well. I had three fantasy movies rented in fact: Stardust, Spiderwick Chronicles, and The Golden Compass. All of them weren’t awful, none of them were great, some were surprising, some weren’t.

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Cartographer’s Annual ’07 part 2

On with the second part of my review of the annuals for Campaign Cartographer 3. This time I will deal with the months of May through August. This middle bunch I found overall rather lacking in appeal which is more than a little disappointing given how well I thought of the original four episodes. Still there is some quality here.

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Cartographer’s Annual ’07 Review pt. 1

Given that I got sick over the weekend, I decided to take the day off yesterday, and now again today, so that I can recoup and return to work both healthier and with more energy. In the meantime, I have decided to take the extra time that I now have and use it to go over the mapping bug that has been bothering of late and return to Campaign Cartographer 3’s Annuals that I have been neglecting the past couple of years. I decided I would post my thoughts on these annuals here, but instead of doing the whole thing in one big long post, I decided to split it up into chunks of 4 months at a time.

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Christmas has Begun

This last weekend Christmas officially began in my household. On Sunday, we went out to a lovely brunch at Pancake Cafe, and then we ran to Target where we bought a Christmas Tree. For years we have had a tiny little Christmas tree that we put atop a little whicker table and put our presents below it, fake of course. While the tree served it’s purpose well, we decided that we had outgrown it and decided to get ourselves a new fake Christmas tree.

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Automotive Bailouts

Anybody who reads my blog fairly regularly realizes that when it comes to politics that I tend to lean to the left fairly strongly. So it is odd to me that I am here blogging about a subject in which I apparently am being conservative on. Because honestly when it comes to all these bailouts, I just don’t believe they are the best of ideas, and somehow Democrats seem to love the idea. Even though I understand that if too many of these companies begin to fall, our economy is in a world of trouble, I can’t help but think that the money is being handed out with little thought and little responsibility.

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