Goals of 2009

I know it is a bit of a cliche to set goals with the new year, but it does offer me a chance to set things to work towards. This year, I am going to set myself some really generic goals as you will see, but all of them I think are fairly attainable and make sense for where I am in my life.

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Christmas Unwrap ’08

As is the usual case with my family and me, I did not get all my presents until New Years. Which IMHO is overall a better gift giving time anyway. Combine two holidays in one, avoid shopping rush and get shopping discounts. What could be better? At any rate, it was a fairly decent year for presents. I think it was strongest from my best friend and mother, and weakest from my sister (which is to be expected really).

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Organizing Sections in Writing

Early on in my writing, I had the notion that I had to write in the order that it would appear in the book. Therefor, if I was thinking about how section C would work and had some great ideas, I wouldn’t write them down until I could get sections A and B down. I think this is a problem with many early writers and at some point, like other writers, I realized that it is better for me to sit down and write down what I’m thinking when I’m thinking about it than it is to put it off.

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Lego Batman Review

Well the last couple of my posts haven’t been about games so I decided today to get back on track with a review of [amazonify]B000ZKBJYG::text::::Lego Batman[/amazonify]. I had actually gotten this game a few weeks ago but I put off playing it because I was busy with work, and then I needed to give myself time to play. I haven’t really played Lego Star Wars to compare it to that game though I have played for a few moments and watched my daughter play it. So this review is mostly from fresh Lego eyes.

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Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts is a new restaurant here in Madison that was designed with children in mind. In this iteration of a Kid’s restaurant, the developers went with a different approach to what places like McDonald’s. They wanted to create a place for kids that had healthy food that would somehow get kids to eat their veggies whether they knew it or not, often pureeing the vegetables and mixing it in the sauces so that it couldn’t be detected. With this in mind, we wanted to take my daughter there for quite some time but haven’t had the chance. That is until this weekend.

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Favre and the Packers

I don’t think we talk about Favre enough so I thought I’d add to the growing debate about whether the Packers would have done better with Favre this year than they did with Rodgers.  It is just as easy to give the QB all the blame when things go bad as it is to give the QB all the credit when things go good. So let me say it here, Reggie White may have been far more important to the Packers winning the Super Bowl in ’96 than Brett Favre. It almost seems blasphemous to say, but it is true, Reggie White’s contribution was huge.

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