Girl Play Spaces

I am reading Pikachu’s Global Adventure right now at work (yes I have time ample time to read at work), and the beginning of it discusses Henry Jenkins’ whole spiel on games as virtual play spaces. Basically this says that games act in the way that the world used to for children, but no longer does due to the lack of space to house these natural activities. I don’t think Jenkins is wrong in this either.
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An American Girl Review

I wanted to see Wall-E on Saturday or heck even Kung Fu Panda but my daughter had seen both of those, and because of health issues I couldn’t do much in the way of physical activities, we decided to see the American Girl movie. In reality, the movie was much better than I thought and in a lot of ways a movie I was glad that my daughter got exposed to. Though I feel sad that we didn’t bring our American Girl doll to the theater to make the whole experience a little more special for her. Continue reading “An American Girl Review”

A Night in the ER

Wednesday night I felt the beginnings of an internal bleed starting in my left elbow. I didn’t really have time to do anything about it at that point, so I decided I would give myself my factor Thursday after I got home from work. However, by the end of the work day on Thursday the pain in my elbow was so sharp that I wasn’t even able to give myself the medicine due to the lack of bend in my elbow. Therefor, I made a trip to the emergency room, the first such trip I’ve made in more than half a year. Continue reading “A Night in the ER”

Toki Tori Review

A couple of weeks ago as a Father’s Day present to myself I bought Toki Tori on WiiWare. I hadn’t heard anything about this game really before I saw a brief amount of play on GoNintendo. This clip alone sold me on the fact that I should buy this title. It has often been referred to in the same vein as Lemmings or Lost Vikings and I can’t really disagree with this comparison.

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Student Council and its Affects on Politics

I started to think about politics this morning, and in particular Student Council. The reason I started to think of it was largely George Bush. Sure we all know the jokes about him, we all know that he is a horrible president, and may even become known as one of the worst presidents in US, history. But the fact remains that he got elected twice. So how exactly did he get elected twice when he is so horrible that no one in their right minds would have actually voted for him once?

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