My History with Barack Obama

It’s been a little more than four years since I was first introduced to Barack Obama, well not literally. Virtually I guess. I was watching the Democratic National Convention on TV in 2004. I’m not sure why, I don’t particularly like watching these things, even if I do, I tend to just watch the presidential and vice-presidential nominees just to see what they had to say. But for some reason, maybe it was fate, but I saw this politician that I had never before seen stand up in front of the convention and speak in a way I had never heard a politician speak. You know what you get with politicians, the same old same old.
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Eco Products

After moving to a new apartment that is a good 10 minutes further from my job and taking up more square footage (though in some ways less since this is a four story building), I decided that I wanted to try to take a few steps to lower my green footprint a little bit. To do this we started buying more eco-friendly products. A new kitty litter, green cleaning spray, laundry detergent, shampoo, and recycled paper towels.
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DSi Announced

Last week Nintendo announced the DSi. A new version of its popular DS handheld console. Personally I am really pleased with the news. I have been wanting to get a new DS for some time because my DS is the original bigger one and I would love the small sleekness of the DS Lite, but I KNEW as soon as I bought one that they’d announce a new one. Well I waited long enough because it looks like it may finally be coming our way.

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The Future of Netflix

I recently got NetFlix again due to my cancelation of Cable TV. And for a mini-update of that, I am quite happy with the change given that the new TV season is on keeping me busy there anyway and I save about $30 a month from what I was paying. Now I’m not going to do a review on Netflix, that’d be silly. Everyone knows what the service is and how good it is. What I want to concentrate on instead is some of the newer things that Netflix has added and what this service COULD be going forward Continue reading “The Future of Netflix”

Heroes Season 3… so far.

It has been two weeks, three episodes kind of, since the launch of the new season of Heroes. I thought I would take time to delve into this latest season and whether or not this season can make a return to its first season roots, or whether it will instead mirror the dullness of season 2. Warning to any potential readers out there, this may contain spoilers.

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