It’s Glimesh Time!

I had already been contemplating the idea of returning to streaming pretty much since last November. But I had been doing a fair job of talking myself out for the most part. Obviously, I have gotten very close. But one of the things that had really been stopping me is that I just don’t like…Continue readingIt’s Glimesh Time!

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Gaming Timesink

Today I realized that I don’t really play a lot of different games anymore. The last few weeks I’ve been playing Stellaris… the same game that I was making youtube videos of when I was doing youtube still like 3 or 4 years ago. The game really hasn’t changed that much, which may be part…Continue readingGaming Timesink

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Thoughts on Returning to Content Creation

About a year ago I quit streaming for the second time. I quit making youtube videos almost 2 years ago now, which really corresponded to the first time I quit streaming. But over the last several months I’ve been considering going back into streaming, coupled with video creation as well. For the most part, I’ve…Continue readingThoughts on Returning to Content Creation


The Death of Overwatch League

Ok, it might be a little early to proclaim death on OWL but it has been one hell of a bad year for them. Just for background… I myself am an OWL watcher but now OW player. I don’t particularly care for FPS games and Overwatch is no different. But for whatever reason, about a…Continue readingThe Death of Overwatch League

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The Long History of Twinking & Soulbinding

Twinking is not really a thing anymore in modern MMOs, so I think it is worth explaining exactly what twinking is. Twinking is when you give lower level characters, whether your alts or friends, high level gear in order to give the lower level character an advantage in moving through the game. In early MMOs,…Continue readingThe Long History of Twinking & Soulbinding


MMO State of Mind

MMORPGs are really the genre of my heart. While I do love RPGs and strategy games, I always want to return to MMOs and hope to find something to sink years into and find new friends to chat with. It is a genre I feel so strongly about that for over 15 years I have…Continue readingMMO State of Mind